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Vehicle Crime

Vehicle Thefts

Vehicle CrimeVehicle theft is a career for some criminals.  Especially those that target high end vehicles costing lots of money.  Those involved in organised crime will steal vehicles to order and profit from the re-selling of these vehicles and vehicle parts.Cars stolen can also be used in further criminality such as armed robberies and the sale of the vehicles and vehicle parts can fund other types of criminality.

A few types of vehicle crime include:

• Vehicle cloning• Stolen vehicles

• Stolen number plates 

• Abandoned vehicles

• Theft of personal belongings from vehicles. 

Thefts from vehicles

Most vehicle crime is opportunistic and can be preventable.  When leaving a vehicle parked up in a public car park, on-street parking on your driveway, ensure that it is locked and all valuables are out of sight.

Tips and Advice

• Never leave anything on display in your vehicle; a bag on the back seat is enough to tempt a thief and the cost of window repair is more than replacing the bag

• Always remove your portable Sat Nav system and any suction pad marks or cradles

• Close all windows completely and lock the vehicle• Never leave credit cards or cash in the glove compartment

• Don’t leave the vehicle documents in the car

• Turn off the Bluetooth, on any of your items, as thieves can use this to target specific cars

• During colder days, never leave the car running to defrost on the drive. 

• Use theft resistant number plates.• If your vehicle doesn’t have electronic immobilisers, install steering wheel locks which are inexpensive and easy to fit

• If you don’t have an alarm, get one fitted by a professional

• Get a lockable petrol cap. Some new cars have these as standard.

• When you leave the car always remove the key from the ignition and lock all doors – it only takes a few seconds for a thief to jump into your car and drive away

• At home, never leave your car keys, or house keys, near a door or window. Some thieves use a fishing rod or magnet on a stick to steal them through the letterbox

• When you’re out and about ensure your keys aren’t exposed – it’s all too easy to leave them on a counter top or in an open handbag.

Two in One Burglaries

A two in one burglary is when a criminal will gain access to your property in order to steal the keys to your vehicle.Criminals will target specific cars on a person’s driveway due to the specification.   This is especially true if vehicles are top of the range and will bring profit on re-sale.If you own a top of the range vehicle be aware that criminals may try to break in to your house, to steal the keys and drive away with your vehicle.

Always keep your home secure and your keys out of view to opportunists.

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